Viral Pathogenesis is nothing but the origin of a disease through viruses, while virulence is, the ability of infectious agent to produce a disease and countermeasure is an action that counters infectious agents. A viral is a germ smaller than bacteria. Without the host cells Viruses cannot grow on their own. They live in human bodies. They cause cold, fever, influenza, diarrhea, dengue, hepatitis, rabies, measles, smallpox, polio, AIDS etc. Viruses are virulent in that they have a protective coating and hence cannot be cured with antibiotics. But vaccines help contain viral infections. Viral pathogenesis is a field where evolution is taking place at rapid pace introducing the newer methodologies in developing systems biology. Some pathogens have an array of virulence factors. We need to develop newer drugs to effectively combat infectious viral diseases. This session throws open the debate on the strategies to be adopted to develop newer drugs to counter viral pathogenesis of infectious diseases. The latest in research trends, the latest technologies, robotics and nanotechnology and its applications are the need of the hour to counter pathogenesis of viral infectious diseases and their virulent factors. All the pathologists, virologists, microbiologists, bacteriologists, parasitologists, and immunologists have to focus on these issues and challenges to combat viral infections.