Applied Microbiology is the study of how to use the application of microorganisms to benefit humanity. It involves the deeper understanding of the subfields like biotechnology, enzyme technology, pharmaceutical microbiology, medicinal microbiology, agricultural biotechnology, plant microbiology, and bioremediation, food microbiology and so on. Pharmaceutical microbiology involves the study of microorganisms in relation to pharmaceuticals and further ensures the finished pharmaceutical products are pure and sterile. Other aspects include the research and development of anti-infectious drugs and the effective usage of microorganisms in manufacturing pharmaceutical products such as insulin and human growth hormone. This is how industrial microbiology complements applied microbiology. Industrial microbiology plays a major role in developing and manufacturing newer drugs to save humanity from diseases caused by parasites, viruses and bacteria etc. This session discusses and debates the latest trends in research fields, the need for newer drugs, vaccines, and antibiotics etc. The application of latest technologies like nanotechnology and robotics in these fields need to be looked into. The role of industrial microbiology and applied microbiology and how these two branches of science can be strengthened and made effective is the main focus in this session.