Antimicrobials are known as antibiotics which destroy disease-causing microorganisms and further inhibit their growth. Antimicrobials prevent and cure infections caused by bacteria, fungi, yeast, and parasites. Advanced technologies in antimicrobials, vaccines and therapeutics face number of challenges against infectious diseases. These challenges need to be addressed in research laboratories, academically and industrially with multidisciplinary teams to develop new vaccines and therapeutics to against infectious diseases. Our existing knowledge on protein structure, microbial pathogenicity and the immune system isn’t enough. More research studies needs to be done on vaccines, therapeutics and antimicrobials and their advanced technologies. This session focuses its attention on advances made in research and development of new vaccines, therapeutics and advanced antimicrobials to fight, cure, and control many types of infectious diseases. The application of nanotechnology and robotics in developing antimicrobials, vaccines and therapeutics is the need of the hour.