Micro irrigation is one of the latest innovations in irrigation which provides for precise water application in agriculture. A Decision Support System- for designing efficient Micro Irrigation Systems namely DSS-DOMIS was developed for designing Drip Irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation and Micro sprinkler irrigation systems .As a part of the decision support mechanism, the DSS provides expert opinion and necessary data on crops, soil, water and climate as default options with a provision of change if the user so desires. DSS-DOMIS suggests most optimal lay out plans for main, sub-main and lateral pipes under a microirrigtion sysem. It determines the appropriate sizes of different components including main, sub main and lateral pipes, pumping system, filters and fertilizer application systems.
In the DSS standard procedures are adopted for estimation of water requirements of plants based on the agro climatic data, possible shifts per day and available total time of irrigation. The developed DSS has been seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly interface implemented in the open source programming languages i.e PHP, MySQL. It runs in Apache server uses rich database with information on crops, soil climatic data, micro irrigation equipment’s as well as, source and quality of water. The web based system, developed on scientifically accepted software algorithms with richness of information and expert opinions, flexibility and simplicity of use make the DSS DOMIS a superior tool for designing micro irrigation systems with a view to enhance water productivity in agriculture The developed DSS was tested by 22 Precision Farming Development Centres in the country for their local soil-crop-water-climate conditions. The DSS has received over 10,000 hits on the internet in the last eleven months. The paper presents the methodology of its development and its use through a real field situation. It is hoped that the DSS namely, DOMIS will be useful for farmers, syse installation industry, researchers and policy makers.


Dr. T B S Rajput has over forty years of experience of research and post graduate teaching in the field of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering. He is a former Project Director and a scientist of national repute. He has published ten books and more than 200 research articles. He has developed seven computer softwares on different aspects of agricultural water management. Besides research, he has supervised more than twenty post graduate researches. He was adjudged as the Best teacher and has also received many honours and awards including the highest research award in India namely, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Award. He is a fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences and six other National Scientific Societies in the country.